Criminal Defense Attorneys specializing
in the defense of
chiropractic fraud, physician fraud, business crimes,
real estate fraud, financial fraud
and other crimes “white collar” crimes

White Collar Crime is a specialized area of defense because it requires aggressive courtroom skills as well as a solid business background.

Technology is key to a white collar defense.  The details and the defenses are often hidden among thousands of pages of documents. 

Team Approach is the key to a white collar defense.  Each case requires a custom team of top professionals added to the core trial team. 

What A Criminal Defense Lawyer Does

  • Research the facts
  • Negotiate deals with the prosecution
  • Find errors in the investigation and indictment of clients
  • Get the charges dismissed

Agencies That Enforce Acts

The Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution authorizes the federal government to investigate and regulate white-collar crime through federal agencies and task forces. Indeed, most white-collar crimes are brought to book from cross-jurisdictional cooperation of state and federal agencies. The significant agencies include: