Savage Nation

PEOPLE ASK: “How Can You Defend Michael Savage ?”  Then they add, “Don’t you know that he said …….”

THE ANSWER:   1st Amendment Protectors don’t seem to hesitate to defend the rights of Nazis, 9/11 blamers (blame U.S. policy or whatever), anti-American flag burners etc.   But somehow, when the voice comes from the political right (or center), it becomes politically correct to silence those with whom we disagree.

The idiots in England who banned Michael Savage did so for racist reasons.  They wanted to pick targets from various ethnic groups so they included Savage.  The 1st Amendment protectors and the ‘anti-racism” crowd were STUNNINGLY SILENT.

Those people will always be STUNNINGLY SILENT in the face of tyranny.  The politically correct mimic the actions of those who truly protest and  truly support freedom but they actually serve the ruling elite by enforcing the rule of one party, one ideology, one thought process.

So you ask, “HOW CAN YOU DEFEND SAVAGE?”  And I can only respond, “How Can You Even Ask Such a Question !” 

One last reminder about England.  Their country was run by cowards before World War II and the voices of true heroes such as Winston Churchill were often silenced.  Today’s forces of oppression are gaining in sophistication.  They can conquer the world by changing the way we think.  They have started by brainwashing our children to value political correct speech over free speech.   Remember Orwell’s 1984 !   Today,  Free speech is hate speech and politically correct mimicry is confused with genuine thought.

I challenge people to view Savage’s website  and point to even a single article or statement that urges harm to anyone else.  Then look at the so called “justice” websites and look at the many attempts to crush their opposition economically, by driving them out of the public arena etc. etc.  To me, those “justice” websites (politically correct websites) are purveyors of hate.